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Wenley Trading Co., Ltd. is the sole distributor for FUCHS LUBRITECH - GLEITMO® Dry Solid Film Lubricants in China, Taiwan and South East Asia.

GLEITMO® products can effectively optimize fasteners/screws' coefficient of friction and result clamping forces of bolted connections. They improve running-in processes and protect against surface damage which can be applied for a wide range of lubrication tasks. Certain products are characterized by extremely high resistance to pressure and to high and low temperatures.

As a leader of global lubricant market with over 60 years of experience, FUCHS LUBRITECH has most innovative technologies and outstanding quality in the field of solid film lubricants. GLEITMO® has high reputation within the Industry and is chosen by famous automotive and fastener manufacturers, is always the brand you can rely upon.

A Member of the Fuchs Petrolub Group


What are GLEITMO® HMP films?

HMP Films are colloidal dispersions of High Molecular Polymers in water. They are preferably applied in dipping procedures , and after drying create a firmly adhering, dry, touch-proof antifriction ...

Why must threads be lubricated?

1. Easier assembly
2. Avoiding of the cold welding effect (stainless steel or alloy)
3. Reduction of the mean variation of the coefficients of friction ...

Fuchs Lubritech GLEITMO Applications