GLEITMO Solid Film Lubricant
Solid Film Lubricants

HMP Films are colloidal dispersions of high molecular polymers (HMP) in water. They are preferably applied in dipping procedures, and after drying create a firmly adhering, dry, touch-proof antifriction film. The main field of application of HMP films is the coating of screws in order to reduce the coefficient of friction and to minimize its variation. However they have also proven their value for a wide range of other lubrication tasks.

Solid Film Lubricants are formulated to reduce friction and wear in numerous applications in tribotechnology. They form highly efficient and well adhering dry lubricating film making it possible to pre-treat and store lubricated parts ready for assembly. The films are characteristics by being highly resistant to extremes of pressures and temperatures; they neither age nor become resinous and at the same time are clean to handle.

FUCHS LUBRITECH's GLEITMO® Solid Film Lubricants possess outstanding lubricating and protective properties: they also improve running-in processes and protect against surface damage. At the same time they prevent cold welding (e.g. with stainless steel), assist the flow during metal forming, and avoid stick-slip in the case of slowly moving sliding pairings. Furthermore GLEITMO® Solid Film Lubricants optimize the coefficient of friction and result clamping forces of bolted connections. By making machine parts ready for assembly and ideal for robotic handling, FUCHS LUBRITECH's GLEITMO® Solid Film Lubricants are the most economic and efficient solutions to satisfy your technical requirements.