Influence of ageing on HMP-coated screws

As a rule, screws are not used immediately after coating. They may be put into intermediate storage for as long as a few years. In this case, it is necessary that the GLEITMO HMP-film retains its lubricity for a long period of time, as otherwise the difficulties in assembly may arise. Screws coated with GLEITMO HMP-films can be stored without problems for several years, without the coating being damaged.

This figure below shows the course of the coefficient of friction in a forced storage test at 50°C over 6 months. As the general assumption in chemistry is that if the temperature is increased by 10°C, the speed of a reaction doubles, this test can be interpreted that at room temperature over several years, no age-conditioned changes will occur in the lubricating performance. This is also confirmed by our many years of practical experience with HMP films.

Influence of ageing
Long term storing test of a sliding film after exposure at enhanced temperature (50℃)
(Screw M 12, 8.8, yellow-chromated)