How to prevent seizing/ cold welding on stainless steel fasteners?

“Thread seizing” is a common problem to stainless steel and other alloy fasteners. It can be regarded as a process of cold welding. During fastener tightening, the high speed and suddenly high temperature may cause the galling of threads and lead to seizing - the actual freezing together of the threads.

The easiest and most effective solution is lubrication. In Europe and the US, GLEITMO HMP lubricants have been used for decades as pre-lubrication coatings on stainless steel and other alloy fasteners to minimize the risk of thread seizing. GLEITMO HMP lubricants are easy to apply and manage. After applied, they form colorless, touch-proof, and ultra-thin lubricating films which can effectively improve the problems of “thread galling” and “cold welding” during tightening.

For more information, please check out the pages of GLEITMO 615 and GLEITMO 627.