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Water-based Solid Film Lubricants - GLEITMO® 1874 V

Water-based MoS2 Solid Film Lubricant


GLEITMO 1874 V by Fuchs Lubritech GmbH is a water-based, air-drying solid film lubricant with an inorganic binder. The active lubricating component is a synergistically acting combination of solid lubricants with a predominant portion of molybdenum disulphide. An even, touch-dry solid film with excellent adhesion is remaining after application and evaporation of the solvent.

Field of application

GLEITMO 1874 V was especially developed for applications with brushes or rollers. Special additives optimize the wetting properties.

GLEITMO 1874 V is ideal for the lubrication of vulcanization moulds in tire productions. It guarantees superior lubricating performance for a long lifetime.



  • Temperature range (dry film): -180°C to +400°C



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