GLEITMO® HMP 9020 Dry Film Lubricant –
Designed for Hot-Dip Galvanized Fasteners

The German spirit of precision and perfectionism makes GLEITMO unique by its innovation and thoughtfulness. GLEITMO HMP films come in various types (GLEITMO 603, GLEITMO 615, GLEITMO 627, etc.) with great performance and quality to satisfy different fasteners and certain coefficient of friction requirements. For over decades, GLEITMO HMP films always have high reputation within the Industry and are chosen by famous automotive and fastener manufacturers.

As the standards of high-strength structural fasteners and the requirements for environmental health and safety are getting strict these days, Fuchs Lubritech’s strong development team introduced GLEITMO HMP 9020, an outstanding type of GLEITMO HMP films. It is watery suspension of high purity molybdenum disulfide combined with a special carrier substance miscible with water. It does not contain any organic solvents and is harmless to the environment.

GLEITMO HMP 9020 can be used for the lubrication of hot-dip galvanized fasteners such as high-strength structural bolting assemblies and T/C bolts. It not only performs as an excellent lubricant but has the capability to minimize the variation of friction coefficient. As it offers the ideal solution to meet the requirements of high-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading, GLEITMO HMP 9020 in Europe is popularly applied in fastening systems of wind power industry, steel construction, and bridge construction. For hot-dip galvanized screws, the DIN EN 14399 is fulfilled by using GLEITMO HMP 9020 as lubricating coating.